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As your brand and marketing partners, we wholeheartedly embrace your business goals as if they were our own.

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What we stand for


We work with clients who want an agency partner that can act as an extension of their crew. This means we’re going to be real with you every step of the way.


This is not our first rodeo, we’ve worked with over 100 brands in the digital space and we’re all experts in what we do.


Boring is not in our vocabulary. We have a fun and creative approach and offer creative solutions so our clients can stand out.

Jenni Shaw

Founder/ Director (She/ Her)

I’m Jenni, the driving force behind Honestly Digital (previously known as Social Wellness Co.).

As the founder of a digital marketing dream team, and the lead in communications, my mission is simple: to help passionate business owners feel really freakin’ great about their brand and how they show up with their marketing.

With a background in advertising, product promotion and nutrition, I’ve helped power up over 100 nutrition, lifestyle, and tech brands.

Gaby Marquez

SR. Account Manager/ TBH Collective (She/ Her)

Hey, I’m Gaby! Your go-to gal for all things marketing and socials. With an extensive background in the health, beauty and wellness space and a degree in Marketing and management, I’m here to help brands elevate their online presence through strategic marketing solutions so they can thrive in the digital realm.

You might not see my face to much around here, but that’s because I am leading up our brand *new* Digital Template Shop — the TBH Collective where we help creatives streamline their business and stand out from the competition through customizable templates built by real experts (AKA us 😉).

Come kick it with us TBH gals over at the Collective — your new fave Digital Template shop around. See you soon!

Jocelyn Clarke

Brand Expert & lead designer (she/ her)

Hey! I’m Jocelyn, the brand expert and lead designer at Honestly Digital Co. I’m the one who’s here to help make all the visual magic happen for your brand. With my background in digital marketing, web design, and graphic design, I’m your go-to person for anything visual.

Style and design play a pivotal role in shaping your brand’s narrative and success. Brand style isn’t just about making it look pretty, it’s about making a lasting impression, showing up authentically, and truly embodying your brand’s essence. It goes far beyond logos and graphics; we’re talking about infusing your brand with a unique voice, personality, and look that speaks volumes.

Katie Costa, MSc.

Marketing Director (She/ Her)

Hey there! I’m Katie, and I’m thrilled to bring my wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table at HD. My Master’s degree in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Science from the University of Guelph has not only equipped me with a solid foundation but has also fuelled my passion for the Canadian supplement and health food industry. When it comes to launching natural health products, regulatory requirements, and marketing guidelines, I’ve got you covered.

Before joining the HD team, I spent 7 years in the marketing world. Working with health science businesses (B2B) and wellness brands (B2C), and one thing I absolutely love is using Instagram marketing to connect with people and promote holistic wellness. Now, I’m super excited to be part of the HD team, where I can bring my expertise and personal experience to help our clients navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media and marketing!

Vidya Tasa-Chadha

Content Creator & Social Media Manager (she/ her)

As a marketing misfit by day and birth worker by night (literally), I bring over a decade of experience to HD. I’m a content and community wiz who has supported some of the world’s leading organizations in the fem-tech and wellness realms. From period undies to global retreats to the health tech of the future, my experience is diverse and I’m always up for a creative challenge. Fueled by purpose-driven work, supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in crafting their visual language and connecting with an authentic audience is my passion.

Let’s make some magic together! 💫

Juliane Ibasco

Content Creator & Social Media Manager (she/ her)

I live and breathe social media and genuinely enjoy the process of ​content creation. As someone who grew up in a digital world and ​have been in social media both as a creator and business owner, ​I’ve become well-versed in the different platforms and understand ​the minds of consumers. I love discovering unique brand styles, ​following trends, and expressing creativity through my work.

I find a sense of fulfillment with building something of my own and ​social media is where I feel most aligned in being able to impact ​and help brands maximize their potential.

Ryan Young

SEO & Ads Expert (he / him)

Is there anything better than data? Ryan here, and I’ll be the HD team member crunching your data to optimize your ad campaigns. When I’m not complaining about CPM costs to anyone who will listen, I spend my time working on ad strategies for our clients and making sure their accounts are continuing to provide strong ROI. I’ll work with you to get your account set up and/or optimized for success, with clear goals and plain English reporting on your results each month. I’ll also help you to optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure that you are ranking higher in search results.

With over 20 years working in e-commerce and digital marketing, I know my way around a sales funnel. But in an industry that changes daily it seems, I also spend a lot of time doing webinars and training courses to make sure that I am on top of the latest changes and industry trends. It probably sounds cliche, but nothing makes me happier than building successful campaigns that my clients are happy with.

Team Work Makes the Dream-Work

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