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Frequently asked questions

Let’s first identify what your return on investment is.

If you want a strong return (growth & revenue) you need to spend time in or on your marketing. If you don’t have the time, then you need a budget & investment. So, let’s break down how to explore your ROI & set metrics for success:

  1. TIME BACK – lower budget ROI: We work with small businesses, and many are either A) micromanaging a freelance SMM that’s not well-versed or B) doing it themselves. Your time back (not having to create content or marketing plans yourself) can be funnelled into business growth in other areas.
  2. TESTING & ANALYZING: This is an underrated return on your investment because the more energy you spend executing ideas, the more you learn about your audience and get back long-term. Testing and analyzing takes time (especially on a small budget), and we need to spend money to test (even if it doesn’t instantly = $$$ sales)
  3. AWARENESS – more budget: You all know. Calculating how many paid customers come from awareness and reach is hard! We cannot tell you if your 30k organic reach translated to sales without special links or sale codes (or other ways of tracking that specific post/ campaign). Someone needs to experience many touch points before buying – so, did your post make an impact? Sometimes your ROI cannot be quantified.
  4. TRUE MONETARY (AND TRACKABLE) RETURN – highest budget + ad spend: We need tracking systems like meta or email marketing systems to calculate how much true dollar figures you will get in return.

Want to learn more? Here’s a great post to read.

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Before we kick off any marketing, we need to establish a strong brand presence and build out a plan of action (strategy) to ensure we are setting, and meeting, goals. If you want to learn more about how we work with our clients, you can visit our services page

Cost is always dependent on goals. See ROI notes above.

Smaller budgets = slower burn.

Bigger budgets = quick return.

Don’t forget that we are experienced marketers, strategists and designers, and when it comes to digital marketing, you get what you pay for. Our prices reflect our experience, expertise and industry rates.

If you are at the stage in your business where you are looking for ‘cheap’ over quality, then we’re probably not a fit. We are incredibly dedicated and spend anywhere from 20-100 hours/ month on the accounts we work with.

Our hourly rate is $100-150/hr . We are completely transparent and have a portfolio of work to prove our metrics and success. But, it takes time and energy on our end to learn and understand your brand and account and to keep up with trends, shifts and build plans. If you want it cheaper, we understand. But we will be here when you’ve grown a bit more and are ready for quality.

Yes, we have a production partner in Toronto.

We are all remote because Jenni was dedicated to finding talent, not a local team. It’s never stopped us from performing for our clients, and we have an in-house production team at our base in Toronto.

Providing flexibility over rigidity helps keep our team creative and fresh. There doesn’t need to be stress around marketing, we can show up for your brand from anywhere in the world.

Branding & design, strategy & planning, marketing management & execution, PPC & ads.

Results come from spending a lot of time on the account. If your social media marketing is not translating into results, we need to assess:

  • What are the results you’re looking for
  • What is your budget to achieve those results
  • What other marketing efforts do you have in place
  • What do your brand & landing pages look like
  • What kind of campaigns are we showing up for?

Not dead, just different. As more businesses shift to online and social / digital platforms change, so should our expectations and budget.

Digital media is still significantly cheaper than traditional media, but at the end of the day we are still putting ad dollars into visibility.