To start things off…Phase 01

Your digital frame work
AKA your brand

Honest truth?

There’s no point in investing in marketing online until your digital framework is solid. We’re talking strong branding, core communications and slick, conversion-focused landing pages. So if you’re reading this and thinking…. oof I think my brand needs work, this is where we start.

Phase 01: Building Your brand story

Communication & brand strategy

Brand development begins with the story you want to tell, not just a logo and colour palette.

We analyze the market, trends, competitors, target demographic and your offerings to create a communication plan. This plan helps position your brand, stand out, and effectively communicate your core message with your customers.

Also known as your Discovery Analysis and Brand Strategy.

Phase 01: Building Your brand story

Complete brand guide

A well-crafted brand guide ensures a consistent and compelling brand presence across all platforms and touchpoints. Our team specializes in crafting comprehensive brand guides that help your business thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

In your brand guide, you will receive: Visual Identity, Messaging and Tone & Content Guidelines.

Phase 01: Showing off

Website & product design

Your website is the expansion of your brand identity and holds so much power. It can educate, inform, inspire, capture and help your business generate revenue. If you want to build a strong digital network, you cannot skip this step.

We have 3 options for website development:

  • Templated: For businesses that need an identity but do not capture sales, or are information-heavy regarding their offerings.
  • E-commerce: For businesses that have a digital store and generate sales through their website.
  • Custom: For businesses that need a bespoke, customized design, integrate many different functionalities into their site, or have a lot of information to display.

*Our website services also come with G4A, Google Analytics and Google My Business set-up, and SEO options are available. Additionally, copywriting services, website photography and monthly support are available.

Some of our fav brand work

Check out some of our branding work