Alright, let’s keep it going - Phase 02

Your plan of action
AKA your strategy

Already feeling great about your branding?

Let’s put a plan in place if you have the bells and whistles (communications, brand deck and website) and are wondering what to do with it all.

Phase 02: Setting up your strategy

Strategic development & planning

Strategic development starts with market research, competitor analysis and your target audience overview. We review the brand plan and how we will take all of that information and map out a 3 – 6 – 9 month plan for attracting your audience online.

Let’s set goals and assemble a growth plan, a content plan, a campaign plan and an execution plan. We also analyze what social media channels you should be on and based on your growth trajectories, if we need to invest in paid ads, influencers or commercialized content.

We offer: