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ugc partner program

Join the SWCO Influencer Partnership Program to tap into our network of businesses that are looking for content creators.

We are looking for influencers and UGC content creators who want to work with amazing brands in the health, wellness, beauty and nutrition space, who are always thinking about creating content, and who want to get paid, or get free product as a way to build their portfolio.

Fill out the application below and somebody will be in touch shortly to let you know if it’s a fit:


Our clients are looking for content creator partners. You are looking for brands to work with. We, as an agency, connect those two worlds.

Fill out the application, and we will make sure it's a fit.

Once you have been approved, you will be added to the list, sent a confirmation email.

As soon as we have a brief ready we will send out an email to all candidates.

You simply put a bid through saying "yes" I want this job and we'll send you the collab terms to sign!

Get paid to do what
you love

Getting paid to create content? Literally, sign us up! If you match the criteria outlined below hit that button and sign up today

Connect with brands
making a difference

SWCO is dedicated to working with brands in the health, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle and beauty space that are making a difference.

We are a mission driven company and seek clients that have the same values as us.

Joining our partnership program means connecting with brands that are dedicated to making a difference.

Expand your portfolio &
grow your skills

As an agency filled with content creators and former/ current influencers, we know that portfolio is QUEEN in the world of content.

Our program will give you the opportunity to connect with scaling brands that are making a global impact, create regular content and either get paid or build your portfolio up while you’re at it.

Fill out the application today:

Join the tribe today

Click that button below to submit your application to join The SWCO Influencer Partnership Program. Our team will review your submission and reach out to you if your application is chosen! 


Send us an email at hello@socialwellnessco.com or slide into our DMs
with questions about this program!

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