Last, but not least - Phase 03

Your brand execution
AKA your marketing calendar

A marketing and content calendar seems simple enough, but it can’t be established until we have strong branding, communications and a base strategy.

We execute once we feel clear and confident about your digital framework and have settled on a strategy. We offer monthly packages that can be customized to your goals and budget, or we can fit you into one of the following monthly packages:

Phase 03: Executing your calendar

Maintenance - content creation only

You provide us with your desired direction, and we will create the content for you. This package includes weekly asset creation, captions, hashtags & scheduling.

This does not include growth plans, community management, UGC or strategic development.

Phase 03: Executing your calendar


Let’s work towards growing your presence, creating more awareness for your brand on social media, and analyzing your content to see what performs the best. This includes monthly output, UGC or video content, captions, growth planning, reporting and campaign/ content mapping.

Phase 03: Executing your calendar


We work towards scaling your business in the digital space and work closely on email marketing, campaign planning, landing pages and strategies. We also integrate paid ad content, influencer management and email marketing.

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